The garden is a living, changing environment and as such will grow and develop with time.

To help maintain your garden in optimum condition and for it to develop to its full potential, it is important to undertake regular maintenance operations.

As Clients are often daunted by this task, we are able to offer a Garden Maintenance Schedule – a report specific to your garden, outlining the upkeep of all tree, shrub and herbaceous species as well as providing a seasonal regime of maintenance operations for you or your gardener.


Whether a specific query on a planning issue or simply some good horticultural tips from our experienced staff, an Advisory Visit can provide some sound, knowledgeable advice and recommend a suggested course of action utilising one of our many services.


As Landscape Professionals, we have over 20 years of experience dealing with a wide range of garden problems – from waterlogged lawns to road traffic noise.

Often we have tried and tested solutions which we can offer to minimise or combat specific problems.

An informal advisory visit would recommend a suggested course of action and any potential works can be discussed.