Courtyard Garden

Haslington, Cheshire


The Client’s love of outdoor living inspired the design for this versatile family garden.

The paved lower courtyard and dining area, with its lead water trough and feature paving, creates a space adjacent to the house for seating and dining, whilst the edged central lawn forms an area for informal play and relaxation. The whole garden is framed by the stunning Oak framed ‘Outdoor Room’- with integral kitchen, fireplace and terracotta tiled floor.


Planting plays an important role in this garden – pleached Hornbeams are situated along the walled boundary to screen views from overlooking properties and espalier fruit trees set against the walls provide fresh produce for culinary use. Specimen climbers and rambling roses have also been used to soften walls and fences, with a palette of soft colours running through the shrub and herbaceous planting scheme.

The front of the property has been further enhanced by the introduction of formal planting beds – with box hedge surrounds, paved pathways across the house frontage and specimen planting to help screen the front of the property from the road.

Completed Project